First Appointment


       1 hr | £50 daytime at the clinic/ £55 evening or at your home (daytime only)

Let us take care of your regular foot needs with one of our experts.


From your very first appointment we will record your full medical history, assess your foot & lower limb circulation & neurology, gait & foot structure & function, skin type, footwear and foot ailment/s.

We'll treat whatever issue/s causing you problems.


We'll advise you of what you need to do to maintain healthy feet.


Your treatment ends with a relaxing foot massage with CCS Footcare cream.

Biomechanical/Gait Analysis


1 hr | £50 daytime/£55 evening or at your home (daytime only)

With our specialist musculo-skeletal podiatrist

We will thoroughly assess your foot/leg/joint function and gait after completing a full history of your issue/s. This may involve taking certain measurements and looking at your knees, hips and spine - please wear suitable clothing.

On determining the cause of your problem, we will discuss the options to relieve your symptoms - this may include an exercise programme, ultrasound treatment, orthotic dispensing, change of footwear etc. 

With your agreement, we will devise a treatment plan and agree costs for same.



Prices start from £200

Simple insoles from £25.00


Home Visits

1 hr p.p. | £45.00 (9am-5pm)

Whether you live at home or sheltered accommodation we can come to you.


We also have special discounted rates if five or more residents in the same sheltered acoomodation book for the same visit.

£28.00 per resident


At the time of booking just let us know which service you require or any special requests.


Your personal safety is important to us so if you want to use a special password so you know it's us at the door, just let us know at the time of booking.






Just toenails

If you are healthy & have healthy feet (lucky you!) and only want a toenail trim

15 mins £28 daytime/£29 evening

(following initial assessment/appointment)


Subsequent routine treatments

£38 daytime/£40 evening/£45 at your home (daytime only)


Nail surgery (using local anaesthetic)

Following in depth assessment - for ingrown toenails (onychocryptosis) , nail removal (partial or total) and bed ablation so that the nail does not regrow


including follow up dressings until healed.

Removal of onychocryptosis without ablation under local anaesthetic (as above) from £50


Following initial assessment & agreement with you on how to proceed

£28.00 per visit (day)/£29.00 evening

Corns and callus

Debrided by sterile scalpel, smoothed and finally moisturised + advice on how to prevent recurrance

Thick nails (onychogryphosis/onychohauxis)

Thinned with sterile nail drill, trimmed and filed.

Dry, splitting skin (anhidrosis)

Debrided by sterile scalpel, smoothed and moisturised with extra rich cream or our specialist foot wrapping technique.


Assessed, evaluated and treated accordingly. Emergency appointments always available. Specialist dressing appropriate to lesion applied, monitored/treated until healed. If you are a diabetic, NICE protocol states we MUST refer you back to NHS podiatry for redressings but we will keep in touch with you to monitor your progress.

Fungal Nails (onychomycosis)

Your podiatrist will advise if you actually have a fungal infection (not all discoloured or thick nails are mycotic). A sample of nail will be collected and sent for analysis. On confirmation of mycosis, treatment will be recommended for you to decide how you wish to proceed. We will monitor your progress and continue caring for your toenails during treatment.

Other Services

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