During this crisis, many new regulations have been imposed to prevent the virus spreading. The College of Podiatry, the UK's leading professional podiatry body, has been the paramount source of information for podiatry practice. Bebington Podiatry, has of course, followed this new protocol to the letter; see below for details.

  • Bebington Podiatry is deep cleaned every morning - every surface is cleaned with products containing bleach (which is known to kill the virus), all floors are vacummed and steam mopped. All walls, doors, handles are steam cleaned. All paintings, leaflet dispensers and notice boards have been removed to facilitate this.

  • All staff are wearing full PPE and wash their hands every 30 minutes. No staff have had any symptoms of the virus and have either shielded or self isolated during lockdown.

  • Patients are booked hourly, on the hour to enable the surgery to be cleaned in between patients. All surfaces are cleaned and allowed to dry, please attend on time. 

  • All patients must wear a face mask to enter the clinic and only the patient is admitted.

  • The surgery door is kept locked to prevent anyone without an appointment entering.

  • All patients are triaged before an appointment is booked, no person with Covid-19/Coronavirus is admitted.

  • Email receipts are issued, no pieces of paper can be given to you to prevent infectionj transfer. If you do not have an email address, please ask a trusted family member or friend for permission for us to send it to them. Information leaflets are also sent by email only. (In some cases, email providers may block our email as spam. In these circumstances receipts will be posted to you. Staff will be wearing PPE when handling post, sending after 3 days when any virus will no longer be viable)

  • You will be instructed to wash your hands upon entering the clinic, and please follow any other instructions from staff. Refusal to do so will result in our asking you to leave the clinic without treatment, for all of our safety.

  • Please bring the minimum of personal belongings with you and wear easily removeable footwear.

  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival and should this read above 37.5 Centigrade then treatment will not take place.

These rules are in place for all of our safety, both you and our staff. Bebington Podiaty reserves the right to deny admission for any person who does not comply.