Each podiatrist and member of reception team wears a clean and ironed uniform every day to ensure no cross infection. We launder in house.



Here at Bebington Podiatry we use the currently recommended highest industry standards for instrument care (onsite so we can oversee every stage) for your safety. Our instruments are sterile until removed from their sterilised protective wraps for use by our podiatrists on each individual patient.


 Each set of instruments used by our podiatrists:


1. Scrubbed manually in cold water.


2. Further cleaned in an Ultrasound machine which removes any remaining contaminants.


3. Placed  in sterilisation pouch and  sterilised and dried in our SES Little Sister autoclave at 134’C.


4. On completion of the cycle, the sterile instruments are removed and stored in their wrapping to keep sterile  until they are required to treat the next patient.


This policy is reviewed and updated as deemed by NICE guidelines.

Please see our Covid-19/Coronavirus page for further details.


Our surgeries, waiting areas, bathroom facilities, decontamination room and storage rooms are cleaned every day by A&B, our in house cleaners, with their trusty Dyson and Shark steam mop!


All products used are approved for their effectiveness and safety. Surgery is deep cleaned every morning. and cleaned between each patient Our flooring is Polyfloor, a hard wearing, non slip antibacterial surface.


Every morning our podiatrists clean all surfaces used in the surgeries (patient and podiatrists’ chair, unit, lamp, nail drill etc) with Clinell disinfectant wipes and each surface is cleaned again between patients.


Our podiatrists performing home (domiciliary) & sheltered accommodation visits follow exactly the same procedure with their domiciliary bags and any instruments and equipment used.



As well as those policies detailed above, our podiatrists follow strict infection control policy – ALWAYS wearing new Nitril nitrile gloves for treatment for each patient, washing hands between treatments & applying alcohol gel, using sterile Nitril gloves for more invasive procedures such as surgery, facemasks disposable aprons, all dressings used are sterile etc.

All staff wash hands every 30 minutes and face masks are worn by the podiatrist when appropriate.


Our clinical/contaminated waste is collected and disposed of by FCC Recycling.


Employing these NICE and College of Podiatry standards ensures you can be confident our podiatrists are treating you with the safest instruments in the safest environment and is one of the many reasons we are Wirral's first Accredited Practice.

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