Plastazote Winter Thermal Insoles

We are stocking sheets of this material again this year which we can cut to fit your footwear to keep your feet cosy and help prevent chilblains. Soft, warm & washable it comes in two thicknesses to fit in any shoe.


CCS Footcare Cream

Our favourite footcream, a market leader for thirty years, its’ active ingredient is urea which breaks down hard skin (hyperkeratosis) naturally leaving you with smooth, hydrated and flexible skin. Safe (even for diabetics), hypoallergenic and cost effective it was voted best foot cream in 2012 by Good Housekeeping and ‘Best Foot Treat’  by The Anti-Aging Bible by Josephine Fairly and Sarah Stacey. 60 or 175ml tubes.


Lamasil cream and spray

Containing terbinafine, a powerful anti-fungal, these products are effective against tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) between the toes or eslewhere on the skin.


Scholl Party Feet

Removable, washable cushions to insert in your shoes under the ball of the foot for those of you who MUST wear your heels!

Orthotics (insoles)

See our specialist musculo-skeletal podiatrist for a range of pain relieving, injury solving, foot function improving orthotics.

Protectar Shoe freshening Spray

An antifungal spray for your footwear, kills 100% of bacteria and fungus present in shoes or slippers for up to days at a time.

Memory foam insoles and heel cushions

Washable removeable comforting products to cushion and  relieve pain. Great if you haven't much fatty cushioning of your own.

Chamois leather toe props

Fabulous at relieving pain form hammer or mallet toes or the corns they can cause.

Scholl Party Feet

Removable, washable cushions to insert in your shoes under the ball of the foot for those of you who MUST wear your heels!





Removable, washable discreet silicone gel lined tubes for the toes or pads for under the foot which cushion and reduce both direct pressure and shearing stress from walking and footwear. Worn over your painful corn or callus, they give instant relief and help to soften skin without the need for sticking plaster or bandaging.



Excellent Pedro foot file

From Germany, these ceramic foot files are the most effective and safest gadget we have found for you to use on your hard skin at home. Double sided, one for removing callus and the other for smoothing skin, and used when your skin is dry, regular use of this file will keep your feet in tip top condition. Follow on with one of our foot creams and your feet will have that ‘just left the clinic feeling’ for longer. Long handle to make it easier to reach your feet and safe even for diabetics.



Marigold Therapy

A course of natural anti-inflammatory therapy applied once weekly at the surgery over four weeks followed by Marigold oil for you to use at home afterwards. Particularly effective on bunions (hallux valgus), resistant corns, painful joints (see testimonials) and about 70% effective for verrucae.


New patient ‘Carry on the Good Work at Home’ (COGWAH) voucher

At your first visit, please ask for your COGWAH voucher offering you a 10% discount on the usual price of our products  to enable you to keep your feet in that ‘just left the clinic’ condition. Valid for up to two months after your treatment.


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