Closed to routine podiatry appointments but emergency service available

As from today, 24/03/2020, in light of updated government advice last night and that of our professional body in response to the escalation of the covid-19/corona virus pandemic, Bebington Podiatry has sadly closed for all routine podiatry appointments at the clinic or your home.

We are still offering an at risk service however.

At risk means:

You are over 70 years of age

Redness/inflammation/swelling on your foot/feet or part of

Discharge, particularly if yellow, green, bloody or smelly from your foot/feet or part of

A wound or ulcer on your foot/feet

Severe pain in any part of your foot/feet

A new lesion on your foot/feet

You commenced dressings for an issue on your foot here at Bebington Podiatry prior to this new advice

You have a systemic health problem such as diabetes, poor circulation, coronary heart disease, auto-immune disease, lymphoedema, impaired sight etc.

Please telephone 0151 608 0927 and leave a clear message detailing your name and phone number on the answerphone or e mail

Ann or Laura, our podiatrists, will initially contact you to triage any issue and will book an appointment if necessary as soon as possible.

We will still not be able to see you if:

You have a temperature, persistent cough or suspect you may have been in contact with corona virus/corvid -19. You should follow current advice on self isolation for 7 - 14 days

Please be aware that our admin staff are not in work at present so we may not be able to speak to you immediately.

We will post foot health advice on the website as soon as possible

As soon as permitted, we will resume normal service.

Our patients are always our top priority, please follow all guidelines to stay well and healthy

Ann James D.Pod.M., MCoP, BSC HCPC registered podiatrist

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