Here at Bebington Podiatry we work to the highest industry standards and follow protocol to the letter - we all have to be safe!

Our fees have increased due to covid 19/corona virus:

1. The cost of providing PPE for all staff, not just the podiatrists, but receptionists & cleaners too for their safety

2. The increased costs of cleaning - the surgery has to be cleaned between each patient for your safety

3. Being restricted to seeing one patient an hour in order to clean the surgery between patients means we are now seeing 1/4 of the usual number of patients a day

4. We have employed more staff to clear the backlog of patients cancelled during  lockdown but only one podiatrist at a time can work in the clinic to ensure social distancing

5. The deep clean, redecoration and re-arrangement of the clinic to ensure social distancing which had to be completed before we could re-open

6. We were closed for 8 weeks except for our high risk/emergency service therefore had greatly reduced income

Our aim is to keep our service going and ride out this current crisis to emerge even better!

Thank you for your understanding

Ann James

Senior Podiatrist 


Your podiatrist will ask what has brought you to see us then complete a series of checks (this is a legal requirement PRIOR to treatment) - circulatory, neurological and musculo-skeletal assessments. A general health questionnaire will be completed - please bring a list of all your medication including supplements. With your signed consent, your feet will then be treated after full discussion of your options and a treatment plan agreed*


At your home or at the clinic £60.00 daytime/evening 

(*Please note, treatments such as nail surgery, Lacuna fungal nail treatment, orthotics etc may not be completed at your first appointment and may require a return visit to do so. These treatments will be charged at the individually indicated rates below.)

prices temp.PNG
table 2.PNG

LACUNA FUNGAL NAIL TREATMENT (ONYCHOMYCOSIS) - no tablets/visits to GP/ blood tests!


1. Pay as you go;

£50.00 for one nail/ £100.00 for two or more nails + cost of anti-fungal spray every 6 weeks for 3-4 visits


 ​2. Complete package option;

£250.00 one off payment at your first treatment after assessment for as many nails as are affected, includes your first anti-fungal spray, and all your 3 to 4 6-weekly appointments.

PEDISAFE NAIL RECONSTRUCTION (for damaged or missing toenails using sterile instruments, decanted gel & disposable brushes = no risk of cross infection)

£30.00 'natural' effect per toe

or Plus

£30.00 for full set of Gelous colour nail polish (for nails on both feet - choice of 6 colours)


Starting at £25.00 for simple insoles to £200+ for custom orthotics

Various foot health products for sale at the clinic, please speak to our staff