Simple, effective treatment for fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) by trained practitioners only!.

Onychomycosis is thought to affect 5-10% of adults & 50% of adults over 70. Infection usually starts as athlete's foot (tinea pedis), commonly between the toes but spreads to the nail bed following trauma such as banging a toe. Dermatophyte trichophyton rubrum is usually the source, present on everyones' skin. The infection alters the way the nail looks, it loses its' shiny thin appearance, discolours to yellowy brown and can eventually grow thick, crumbly & distorted.

Treatment has been notoriously difficult because the infection is under the nail, which acts as a shield, and as toenails take up to 12 months to grow from cuticle to end, all infection must be eliminated or the new nail will just be repeatedly re-infected. There is no quick fix but your treatment options are:

1. Oral terbinafine tablets (prescription only). Very effective but like all medication there are side effects, usually gastro-intestinal, and the tablets need to be taken for a long time, at least 9 months. During this period you will require liver function tests and if any issues occur, medication will be stopped. Most GPs will NOT prescribe unless a positive lab test reveals onychomycosis and this alone can take 8 weeks.

2. Antifungal nail lacquer (amorolofine)- applied daily to the nail after filing for at least 12 months, the 'jury is out' as to how effective these liquids are at penetrating through the nail plate to the infected nail bed. At best used in the very early stages of visible, superficial infection

3. LACUNA METHOD developed by a podiatrist in response to poor cure rates & difficulty in obtaining the other treatments, this treatment involves a trained practitioner drilling microholes through the nail to the infected nail bed and the patient then daily applying 5% Lamasil (terbinafine) spray, which penetrates through the nail plate & gets to the source of infection, the nail bed. As you can see from the photos, as the nail grows out, the infection is cleared! This treatment still takes up to 10-12 months to completely clear the onychomycosis, but improvements begin within a few weeks of commencement. Patients tell us it is not entirely painless - when drilling around but not in the infected area, a stinging sensation similar to plucking a hair has been described by some patients, but never painful enough to cease treatment. You will be required to attend every 6 weeks for micro drilling, up to four times, so for 24 weeks.

No requirement for prescriptions, GP visits, waiting for test results, liver function tests etc and ONLY performed by skilled, trained practitioners! Please see our fee page for fee options.

New! Dermoscopy service

We now have a Dermatoscope, a fabulous little piece of kit which we use to assess skin lesions! if you are concerned about any moles, bumps or lumps, please ring for an appointment with Ann.


Pedisafe nail treatments

We can reconstruct a damaged, missing, broken or psoriatic toenail for you, in 'natural' effect or polished, with a Pedisafe colour of your choice. Lasting 5 - 6 weeks (although we are finding in many patients they last much longer - the record is 9 months) you can save for special occasions or have regularly so your feet always look tip top! See left before to right after!